A collection of frequently asked questions answered by Gentle Clean.Happy Halloween! Today, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions from apprehensive customers. Generally, everyone is looking for as much peace-of-mind as possible when allowing a carpet cleaner to clean their house.

1. How long is this going to take? Scheduling is important – Gentle Clean wants to make sure the job will fit into the busy schedule of all customers. The easiest way to answer this question is for the customer to consider how long it takes them to thoroughly vacuum the same room. Once our equipment is set up, cleaning generally takes about 15 minutes. Over the course of an hour, three to four rooms can be steam cleaned depending on room size and what item(s) need to be moved.

2. What items need to be moved? What will Gentle Clean move? Gentle Clean is willing to move as much or as little furniture as requested aside from very heavy items like pianos. To help prepare for cleaning, it helps to empty items from shelves or cabinets as well as removing breakables to prevent accidents. Generally, high traffic areas are the main areas of concern along with moving small items and returning them with plastic tabs under the feet to prevent staining.

3. How long will the carpet take to dry? Under normal circumstances, your carpet should be within 8-12 hours. Rain and high humidity will add considerable drying time and the use of fans or air conditioning will help expedite the drying process. As long as the bottom of your shoes are clean, you are immediately able to walk on newly cleaned carpet. Problems occur when the bottoms are soiled as the soil can transfer easily to the clean carpet. If this happens, a damp cloth will remove the dirt.

We hope that the answers to these questions help ease the anxiety of booking your next cleaning appointment with Gentle Clean. Happy cleaning!