Did you know that vacuuming is the most important part of maintaining the life and appearance of your carpet?

To help visualize, consider a carpet fiber like a tiny clear plastic tube or shaft. New carpet looks clean and bright. As carpet soils, the plastic shafts get scratched, matted, and damaged – resulting in a dull, dirty appearance. Soiled carpet simply does not reflect light to your eyes the same way clean carpet does.

Vacuuming is necessary to remedy this problem. Up to 80% of dry soil is removed each time you properly vacuum your carpet. As a general rule, vacuum one day per week for every family member living in the house (including pets). A family of four with a dog and a cat, for example, should be vacuuming six days a week for maximum results.

The correct number of passes is also important. In rooms with heavy traffic such as the family room, a carpet requires seven to ten passes with the vacuum. In rooms with less traffic such as the master bedroom, it may only be necessary for two to three passes.

Also, don’t forget the vacuum itself – keep the bag clean and the filter fresh for top performance. After 12-18 months, consider a professional cleaning to keep your warranty (if it came with your purchase) valid.

While this may seem overwhelming at first, a little time spent vacuuming will protect your investment.

Happy vacuuming!