Gentle Clean Carpet Care can help with filtration lines!Ever seen those ugly black lines under doorways and baseboards but wondered how to treat them? Gentle Clean Carpet Care has assisted hundreds of homeowners in Montgomery County, PA and can help you with some prevention tips, too.

These ugly black lines are called filtration lines and are more noticeable on lighter carpets. When polluted air passes through cracks between the baseboard and sub-floor, the combination of  soil build up and dirt from the air creates these lines. Another cause of filtration lines is burning candles. Burning candles deposit soot in the air which generates more air pollution.

Now that you have a better understanding as to how filtration lines are formed, how can you prevent or work towards eliminating these unsightly lines? This issue is hard to completely correct as fibers along the edge of carpets are difficult to access. Since a carpet slopes down along a wall and is no longer flush when there are filtration lines, the majority of the soil and dirt build up develops in cracks. In order to improve existing filtration lines, you will need harsh cleaners and a stiff brush to work at it by hand.

To prevent future filtration lines from even appearing, it is best to seal the space between the wall and floor using tape. Once you place tape over this gap, air can’t pass through. Another great tip is to routinely change filters in your furnace because it is good to have the duct cleaned periodically. No matter what actions you take regarding filtration lines, it is important to create a healthier environment, due to allergies and indoor pollutants.

Gentle Clean can assist with filtration line removal and prevention. Get a free quote today and we look forward to working with you.