Gentle Clean repairs a carpet stain in Blue BellMention the word “custom” and surprises usually follow. That was definitely the case in Blue Bell as Gentle Clean Carpet Care was called into an emergency carpet situation.

After a furniture company from center city Philadelphia dropped off a custom bedroom piece, the homeowners noticed that the bottom wasn’t completely dry and lacquer from the piece had transferred to the carpet.

Thankfully, Gentle Clean was called right away to deal with this emergency. Using solvent-based cleaners and heavy steaming, the stains were removed.

Given the difficulty in removing this stain, the homeowners should be commended on calling so quickly to get the issue addressed. Thankfully, the high-end furniture store covered the cleaning, so aside from the temporary aggravation, the homeowners are now enjoying their new furniture.

Have a carpet emergency? Don’t wait! Contact Gentle Clean!

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