Tile Cleaning Expert - Blue BellThe experts at Gentle Clean Carpet Care clean more than just carpets! In the past two days, the team has worked on two tile projects – a ceramic tile floor in Montgomeryville and a vinyl tile surface in Horsham.

While the type of tile was different (vinyl and ceramic), the overall cleaning plan was the same. The surfaces were both pre-treated with acid cleaner to help loosen the dirt. From there, a heavy scrub, rinse, and dry completed the project.

In Montgomeryville, a homeowner was in the midst of preparing for an annual St. Patrick’s Day Party and desperately needed a clean kitchen floor! Due to the large space and the amount of dirt, Gentle Clean was able to help get things quick – fast!

In Horsham, an office break room desperately needed some attention. With heavy wear each day, employees needed a revitalized space for spending a little spare time each day.

As you can see from the galleries, both surfaces (ceramic on top and vinyl on bottom) started quite dirty but finished looking like new!