Carpet Restoration - Gentle Clean Carpet CareA carpet in Blue Bell needed serious help – after many months of neglect, it had become heavily soiled.

This is a classic case where time took its toll – as a result of the neglect, the cleaning is a restorative cleaning rather than a maintenance cleaning.

To get the carpet looking new again, the experts from Gentle Clean Carpet Care did the following:

  • Pre-treat with cleaner and brush into the fibers
  • Extended dwell time for maximum effect
  • High heat and plenty of agitation to shake loose the dirt
  • Final touch up before leaving
To avoid your carpets getting to this point, have them cleaned every 6-9 months. Additionally, place mats on the edge of your carpets to remove some soil from shoes before stepping on the carpet itself.

Below, find 3 photos of the carpet before cleaning and one photo after some great service from from Gentle Clean!

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Additional Project Photos