Clean Carpets in Chalfont from Gentle Clean Carpet CareEarlier this week, the experts at Gentle Clean Carpet Care encountered a comprehensive home project in Chalfont.

The project itself was warranty work as part of Gentle Clean’s relationship with 3M and their Scotchgard™ Stain Protection Plan, but it demonstrates a key concept in carpet care.

The carpet itself was quite dirty – two adults, three children, and a dog walking on the beige carpet each day contributed to the issue.

However, the image of the freshly cleaned carpet at right demonstrates the core problem. Since the carpet is directly adjacent to the wood floor (hard surface), the only surface to absorb dirt from shoes, socks, etc, is the carpet. Even if shoes are clean, they can pick up dirt from the wood and transfer it to the carpet.

The solution is to place one or more mats adjacent to the carpet to act as a dirt deposit – a place for dirt to land before it gets transferred to the nice carpet. You can see more before/after pictures below.

After learning this helpful information, our customers in Chalfont will have clean carpets for years to come.

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Additional Project Photos