Cleaning a carpet exposed to 4 dogs.Many of us know firsthand the trouble pets can bring to a carpet. If not cleaned often, dirt, fur, and more combine to decrease the enjoyment of your carpet surface.

A homeowner in Horsham experiences problems daily with his four dogs as they track outside dirt into the living room.

The carpet experts at Gentle Clean Carpet Care know from years of experience that a plain, light colored carpet will show wear from pets rather quickly.

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“Medium colored, variegated carpets work best for pet owners.”

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Most dirt pet hair is dark and will show up quickly on lighter carpet. However, some pet hair is light which is why extremely dark carpets should be avoided. Variegated carpet, or carpet with different colors and/or patterns, means carpet looks less uniform and dirt is more difficult to spot. Gentle Clean recommends this style choice along with a low pile carpet for the best ongoing results.

After diagnosing the problem in Horsham, a professional cleaning left the carpet looking new again. As you can see from the picture, Gentle Clean’s work lightened the carpet significantly.

Have a light or dark colored carpet that’s accumulating dirt from pets? Contact Gentle Clean Carpet Care today for a free estimate – we can help!

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