This Basement Flood Is Not What You Think

When you hear “basement flood” in a sentence, you normally think of heavy storms, power loss, damaged sump pumps, and more, right?

A recent emergency care project in Dresher was different. In the midst of a heat wave, a homeowner experienced a flood caused by a clogged AC condensate line. 

What’s an AC Condensate Line?

In short, the AC condensate line is the drain line for the air conditioner. Over time, sludge forms in the line and the normal flow isn’t enough to flush the line on its own. Build up is especially likely during periods of inactivity.

If the line becomes fully clogged, the water backs up to the AC drain pan. When the drain pan becomes full, water overflows and homeowners usually experience a flood (unless the AC system has an emergency shut off when the drain pan is full).

The Restoration

A homeowner experienced this very situation and called Gentle Clean Carpet Care to repair their damaged carpet. They also called a technician to address their AC unit.

Gentle Clean was able to remedy the problem in only a few hours. As a result of the quick response, long-term carpet damage was avoided and the carpet was restored effectively.

10 Minute Maintenance

To avoid flooding in your own basement, be sure to clean your condensate line yearly. Depending on your setup, you condensate line may run directly to a sump pit or to a separate pump which leads to a sump pit. The line may also drain outside.

There are a number of ways to clean the line, but the most popular is to use a wet/dry vac to remove any sludge causing a backup. By performing this maintenance yearly, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on service calls, wet basement carpet, and other flood damage restoration.

Experiencing carpet damage from a flood or just want to have them cleaned? Get a free quote today from the experts at Gentle Clean!

Additional Project Photos