A Multipurpose Church

Day Care Carpet Cleaning by Gentle CareThe team at Grace Presbyterian Church in Jenkintown always stays busy – whether it’s nursery school, after school programs, choir, or traditional services, there’s always something happening.

With so many people in the church each day, it’s no surprise that their carpets need consistent maintenance.

Trust the Carpet Care Experts

As you can imagine, cleanliness is a top priority. To help keep their surfaces in top shape, Grace Presbyterian Church called Gentle Clean Carpet Care.

In only a few hours, the Gentle Clean team thoughtfully and meticulously cleaned all carpet surfaces to help ensure that all members and visitors have a terrific experience at Grace Presbyterian.

The carpets have again been restored to their original beauty and are ready for another fall and winter at Grace Presbyterian.

Routine Maintenance is Key

With all carpet – whether it be at a local church or in your own home – routine maintenance is key. Depending on the amount of wear, Gentle Clean recommends a professional cleaning every 9-12 months. Remember, if the carpet looks dirty, you’ve waited too long to clean it.

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