Gentle Clean Carpet Care cleans carpets in apartment complexes.

Recent work by Gentle Clean.

In the apartment world, tenant turnover is an expensive proposition. Between cleaning, repairs, marketing, paperwork, and more, it’s not uncommon to see around $3,000 attributed to getting a new tenant in an apartment. Not included, of course, is any lost revenue from the unit sitting vacant.

Resident Satisfaction is Key

Many apartment complexes that are Gentle Clean customers do their best to reduce turnover. They realize that customer satisfaction is one of the top factors in determining whether tenants renew their leases from year to year.

Apartment Carpet Cleaning

As part of their efforts to keep customer satisfaction high, as leases are renewed yearly, some apartment complexes provide professional carpet cleaning services from Gentle Clean Carpet Care for their residents.

A professionally-cleaned carpet, as you can see in the picture, makes a dramatic difference. The apartments is cleaner, tenants are healthier, and the lifespan of the carpet is extended.

Win Win

Arrangements like this are truly win-win. Tenants are happier. Turnover is reduced. Carpet life span is extended. An investment in carpet care is a great business decision and all apartment complexes should consider policies like this.

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