Times When We Don’t Love Pets…

This carpet pet stain was repaired by Gentle Clean Carpet Care

Any idea what that is on the wool carpet?

When we think about pets and carpets, we mostly think about excess hair – a situation that must be constantly monitored with vacuuming and yearly professional cleaning.

Carpet Pet Stain Repair

During a recent project in Blue Bell, Gentle Clean Carpet Care encountered something else – blood. The family dog had tracked blood inside on multiple areas of a wool carpet after stepping on a sharp object outside.

Thankfully, the homeowners acted quickly and called Gentle Clean. They didn’t try to treat the carpet themselves – that may have led to permanent damage.

Following professional treatment from trained technicians, the carpet looks good-as-new.

Remember, if you have an odd pet stain on your carpet, make sure to get it professionally cleaned. Gentle Clean is available to assist – so schedule an appointment today!

Additional Project Photos