Carpet dimples before removal

Ugh, dimples!

We’re all familiar with dimple marks in carpet left by heavy furniture. Depending on the weight of the furniture, the dimple may go away on its own, but for heavy furniture, there’s a way to get them out!

On this project in Montgomeryville, Gentle Clean Carpet Care removed a number of dimples from the carpet.

Dimple removal treatmentTo remove dimples, place a wet towel on top of the dimple. Next, place a very hot steam iron over the towel. While there are no shortcuts to the process, the result proves that it simply works.

With dimples removed, homeowners are free to reorganize furniture without leaving an outline of past arrangements.

Need help with dimple removal? It pairs well with routine, annual carpet cleaning! Contact Gentle Clean today for your free estimate.

Dimples removed

No more dimples!