Gentle Clean Carpet Care removed damaged carpet from a Montgomeryville basement.Dealing with basement floods is no fun, but waiting to address the issue only makes things worse.

Homeowners in Montgomeryville had a sump pump issue that flooded their basement carpet. They immediately contacted Gentle Clean Carpet Care to start to get their basement back to normal.

With relative humidity levels around 85%, the basement was extremely damp. Gentle Clean’s industrial strength dehumidifiers had the levels back below 30% before work was completed.

The carpet and carpet pad were soaked, so Gentle Clean carefully removed them while keeping basement items unharmed. By addressing the problem quickly, the homeowners were spared any mold-related issues.

Now, the basement is dry and ready to be re-carpeted … but only after that sump pump issue is addressed!

Contact Gentle Clean immediately if your basement ever floods!

Flooded Basement Cleanup Pictures