Carpet Stretching In Blue Bell

Have you ever needed to run a cable between rooms in your house, but have struggled with the best way to hide it?

You’re not alone! And fortunately, the solution to this problem is much simpler than you may thing!

A family in Blue Bell was struggling with unsightly lumps in their floors after Verizon laid wire under their carpet but on top of its padding.

Gentle Clean Carpet Care sent a team to take a look at the problem, and determined that a quick carpet stretch would solve the issue!

To do this, we first pulled back the carpet to reveal the exposed cable. By cutting a channel through the carpet pad, we were able to fit the cable snugly in place, leaving it flush with the padding.

Then, we moved on to the carpet stretching, which removed all lumps and bumps from the carpet.

After all excess carpeting was trimmed away, it was secured back in place. The area is now completely bump-free and looking as good as new!

If you’re tired of dealing with a lumpy, bumpy carpet in your home, carpet stretching may be just the solution you’re looking for! Contact Gentle Clean Carpet Care today for a free quote!

Blue Bell Carpet Stretching Photos