Best Carpet Cleaners - Bethlehem ApartmentsThere are few things worse than stepping in a disgusting mess left behind by someone else’s dog. That is, until you accidentally track that mess onto the carpets of your home.

That’s exactly what happened at an apartment complex in Bethlehem. A resident of the building had accidentally walked through a dog’s mess, which had not been cleaned up by the dog’s owners. Unfortunately, the resident was unaware of what had happened, and continued to walk into the complex, tracking a stinky trail through the common hallway.

All it took was one quick call to Gentle Clean Carpet Care. After receiving their free carpet cleaning quote, the property manager knew they had found the best team for the job.

First, we vacuumed the space to lift up any dry dirt sitting on the surface. One pass-over with our top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner lifts up to 80% of dirt from carpets. It’s the perfect way to start any cleaning job.

Next, a pre-spray was applied. This was allowed to set, penetrating the remaining dirt and loosening it to make clean-up even easier.

With the carpets properly pre-conditioned, we were able to extract the remaining stains and dirt, and rinse the entire hallway. During this step, we applied a subtle deodorizer to ensure that the stench from the dog mess had been completely removed. The client knew that they had the option to choose a heavier application, but our cleaning job was so thorough that it only took one pass for the carpets to smell better than they ever had.

Now that the stains were gone, we groomed the pile to make sure it was pulled back in a vertical position. This allows for a quicker, more thorough drying process. The floors would be ready for residents to walk on in no time; preferably without any more dog mess stuck to the soles of their shoes!

From minor messes to deep-set stains, a quick cleaning job to a wall-to-wall scrub, Gentle Clean Carpet Care is here to help get your carpets looking better than brand new

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