Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet CareWhat if you could have your carpets cleaned without lifting a finger?

What if you could provide a healthier home environment for your family?

You will find that many homeowners enjoy their homes more following professional carpet cleaning by Gentle Clean Carpet Care.

High Quality Cleaning Process

Gentle Clean employs the industry-leading steam cleaning method to clean your carpets. To produce the best results, a cleaning solution is injected and immediately extracted from your carpet.

Gentle Clean’s state-of-the-art, industrial strength truck-mounted equipment facilitates the deepest cleaning with liquids reaching upwards of 230 degrees.

Feel free to learn more in-depth information about Gentle Clean’s Step-by-Step cleaning process!

Gentle Clean can also assist with these more specific treatments:

What’s Included

  • An honest, accurate, and prompt quote from our carpet care experts.
  • All equipment, materials, and labor. Gentle Clean provides a start-to-finish solution.
  • A professionally maintained, longer lasting, healthy carpet.

Flexible Options

Gentle Clean offers two carpet cleaning packages to fit your needs:

1. Standard Cleaning

  • One experienced carpet cleaner.
  • Pre-Cleaner Detergent applied for effective cleaning.
  • Limited furniture moving.
  • Main focus on high-traffic areas.

2. Premier Cleaning

  • Two experienced carpet cleaners.
  • An initial pre-vacuum to absorb any surface dirt.
  • Pre-Cleaner Detergent applied for effective cleaning.
  • Furniture moving and tabbing (to prevent any color from the furniture getting into the clean carpet).
  • Comprehensive cleaning.
  • 3M Scotchgard™ application to help prevent future stains from setting.

Ready To Have Your Carpets Cleaned The Right Way?

Let Gentle Clean Carpet Care restore your carpets to their original glory!